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Transforming the way reselling is done one person at a time.

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How It Works


Since we are a limited group one of the best ways to know when our next restock is would be to join our waiting list and following our social media pages.

We are a private group, but do have occasional restocks. The best way to be notified about these is to join our waiting list and keep track of our Instagram.

Getting started:

Once you have joined please read through our server and watch some of our guides. There we will help you start your Amazon account as well as your Amazon journey.

Upon joining, please read through our server guides and watch our step by step videos. After that, we will help you start your Amazon account and your reselling journey.


After you have read through the information we have provided start purchasing some of the products. Follow our steps and learn how to scale your Amazon business!

After reading through our starter guides and watching our videos, begin to start purchasing products. From their you we will help you scale up your business!


MONITORS: Our top of the line custom monitors will instantly alert you of any profitable products. Never miss a profitable product again. Ranging from popular sneaker stores to Target and Walmart. We help you gain an advantage with our one of a kind Amazon and Keepa integrations!

Our lightning fast monitors will instantly alert you to all profitable products across multiple sites. With these monitors, never miss a profitable item again. Our monitors include a wide selection of stores including electronic retailers, toy retailers, and sneaker retailers.
UNGATING: When first starting out on Amazon, the majority of brands and categories are restricted for new sellers. This normally prevents sellers from their full potential limiting profits. But with us, we will help you bypass these restrictions with our special supplier invoices that are guaranteed to get you ungated. Making the impossible, possible.
KEEPA: What is Keepa? Keepa is a private database used to track over 1 billion Amazon products. With the use of Keepa and our wonderful support staff, we make analysis easy. Making finding profitable items as easy as 1,2,3.
DIVERSE: Not only will we teach you retail arbitrage, but we will teach you the other various methods to make money on Amazon. From private label to wholesale distribution, we are here to help you become a successful Amazon seller in every category.


Do I need experience to join? No prior experience is required! We thrive to bring a new generation of successful Amazon FBA sellers. But if you do have experience, we can help you to. Our goal is to help everyone, new and old!
When will we restock? All official restocks are posted on our social medias and through our mailing lists. So make sure you are following us across all platforms and subscribed to our wait list to stay up to date with restocks.
What is Amazon FBA? Amazon FBA is a the main basis and focus of our group. FBA is orders fulfilled by Amazon, meaning you ship them your products and they handle the delivery. But don't worry, we can still help if you prefer to ship out products yourself.
How much is our group? The Cook Crew is currently in private beta the current price is unknown as we focus on providing the community with the best possible service.

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